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It is time to question candidates.  I question why Senator Mike DeWine ignored discrimination, army problems, social problems, and failed to provide a supportive reply.  Instead the focus was blaming mental illness discrimination as being a "private legal matter".  Is he just a criminal prosecutor acting like a politician?  (See his website).  I am following the example of his TV ads because being nice is not working for me.

Senator Mike DeWine's Letter to me:

My opinions and text of my letter and documents to him below.  Pdf copy of his letter: senators.pdf.

If you can not read this then try the senators.pdf file.

Note:  The current political ads on TV suggest that Senator Mike DeWine deserves "guilt by association" with mental illness due to his lack of concern for the stigma of mental illness.  If he supported ethical behavior then this would be a non-issue.  Perhaps his problem with mental illness is a "private legal matter", like he suggested of my veterans issues.  (My VA social worker said that name calling is wrong.  He should tell the government leadership giving me the examples on TV!)

I would have discussed this webpage with NAMI and other advocates.  None of them have offered to support or review my efforts.  See NAMI's letter for it's support of "individuals" with mental illness.  It proves "United we stand, divided we fall" is why individuals with mental illness are victims!

My Opinion of Senator Mike DeWine's Letter:

Ohio's U.S. Senator Mike DeWine claims to care about veterans in his re-election TV ad's.  With the "war on terror" he should also be concerned about national security.  Look at his following response to my veteran and national security concerns and judge for yourself.  It is obvious that he has a problem seeing the danger in ignoring mental illness issues.

To be fair, Senator Michael DeWine or his office might have been confused by all the concerns that I was addressing.  Perhaps he ignored my veterans issues and the problems with Military Intelligence because he was worried about the "legal issues" and "separation of powers".  Or, he was not concerned about corruption of the legal system and it's effect on citizens.  (How can law makers make good laws if they ignore what is going on?)

I will not show any more compassion for government leaders like Senator Mike DeWine than they show for the citizens that elect them.  Some people may fault me for being emotional about politics, but look at this website,, to see why.  I was a fool to trust the government.

- Michael John Lake

Here is a copy of my letter to Senator DeWine:(copied from MS-Works format)

The enclosed legal document is accommodation-request.pdf and the army documents are from the army web page.
October 22, 2004
Toledo, OH   43609

Senator Mike DeWine
140 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Sir,

I am considered a “dangerous person” with mental illness who might kill.  I risk using the wrong words or being perceived as a threat, yet I am forced to take action myself because no one will do it for me.  I am asking for your support for both myself in the attached action, and for others with mental illness who have not seen justice promised by the ADA.

My mental illness was diagnosed about a year before my army discharge.  Included in the attached documents are counseling statements which show my concern about having mental illness.  The people in charge ignored that I had mental illness.  They treated it as a personal problem, and punished me accordingly.

National Security should have been a concern, because as a member of Military Intelligence (M.I.) I was allowed to keep my top secret clearance and visit top secret environments for over half a year while being treated for mental illness.  The potential consequences seem to have been ignored.  I accept that mental illness could make it hard to keep secrets.

I did not ask to be diagnosed with mental illness.  From the moment that I was diagnosed, I was worried about my future in the army, and how I would deal with society.  I dealt with it without support, and was punished when I needed and asked for support.  From the enclosed evidence, I have more to fear from society than from myself.

How many people with mental illness suffer similar problems in society?  We are a class that is not wanted.  I have thought of death as an escape, because it seems to be what society wants or expects.  It is not a desire, only a response to my treatment.  My phone is 419-382-4769, but I will not discuss issues without proof of who is calling.


Michael Lake

PS:  The difference between a terrorist and an activist is compassion.  The real enemy is fear.  You can not stop it with force.  Why would I want to destroy something that I could watch destroy it’s self?  Ask the experts.  I know what I fear, and why.


Notice:  Some people may think that it is wrong to connect Senator Mike DeWine's name with mental illness.  However, the Marion Ohio Court and others did not see any problem with the stigma connected with mental illness.  So if Senator Mike DeWine is upset, then I suggest doing something positive to end the governments support of stigma, bigotry, and hate.  Stigma is a social issue that I can not solve by myself!

Also see My Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur letters.

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